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Picture this: A company whose staff could work on their laptop, desktop or mobile device anywhere around the world. Using best-in-class technology, the organization’s development team were able to build a system that the sales department could input customer data while out in the field, sales support could send a contract for signing to the customer, accounts could then bill the customer and distribution can supply the right products to the customer.

In an ideal world, all this would run smoothly, and nothing needs to be amended. At Foxit, we know there is no perfect world, and sometimes files need to be changed, updated or even canceled. Using the above case of a basic CRM system, we will highlight how using PDF technology can make for a more efficient CRM system and pleased customers.

Form Filling capabilities

Instead of collecting customer information in person through a paper form and sending this back to the office for a contract to be created, why not use a digital form that is populated on a mobile device in person, signed by the customer and send to the relevant parties there and then through email.

Foxit MobilePDF SDK allows customers to create forms that can be digitally filled in. Once you save this information, it can be uploaded to a customer database leaving less admin work to do. Using digital signatures, customers can sign a contract and have it sent straight to their inbox with no waiting around.

This means that business moves faster and staff have more time to provide first-class service to customers.

Drawing and Annotations

How does your company amend or update orders? Can more than one person comment on a document at one time? Annotating documents in PDF format is easy and can be done in real time, which speeds up important processes.

Through using our MobilePDF SDK, your system is adaptable to all major platforms, e.g., Android, iOS, UWP, Windows, and can be used by as many people as you need at any time. If an order form needs to be amended, or updated more than one person can comment on the document allowing the person who will update the document to get the information correct the first time around. People can also highlight or strikeout problem areas in a report making it easier to amend without talking to the person who made the annotation.

This means fewer mistakes and lengthy meetings about meetings.


Having many people looking at and editing documents can cause disruption and confusion, but with added permission security this can be minimised or alleviated. PDF security includes password protected document, edit access permissions and much more.

Our MobilePDF SDK allows you to track changes in documents, set and remove permissions, encrypt documents and provide a certificate of the authenticity of documents. Using our PDF technology you can easily set security perimeters that ensure sensitive information is not shown to the wrong people.

This means that those without edit/access permission cannot read important information.

Cross-Platform and Reflow

Staff can open documents on many different devices during any given day. Why not make it easy for them to read and edit these documents through creating a cross-platform app that hosts these files, with reflow to present documents in a more accessible format depending on the device being used.

When teams are working on the same document over numerous different devices, our MobilePDF SDK makes for an exciting experience as you can implement our reflow feature to choose how PDF documents present on various devices. This feature allows you to stack images that typically would require you to scroll horizontally, and present copy in a single column structure to make reading more accessible on a mobile device.

This means a better user experience and an expert team.

One file format for all

Different departments in a company may use various text editors like Microsoft Word, Google Docs and Phantom PDF, which can lead to confusion when sharing documents for proofing and feedback. Choosing a consistent file format across a company means consistency and cohesion.

Through using our PDF technology, the whole company can use a single file format (PDF) which will lead to proficiency in that format and consistency in documentation. While this can lead to a very professional brand that customers have trust in, it can also ensure that documents are kept up-to-date, and customers receive the most relevant information that they require.

This means better communication and a more professional brand portrayed to customers.

The Foxit SDK team ensures that PDF Technology is not rocket science for our customers. We provide best-in-class sales and support services to make sure that the product you need is the product that you get. Our MobilePDF SDK is also available as a free 10-day trial where you can get to know the product and start to test out your proof of concept.