Since this post was published, we have released Foxit PDF SDK, the only true multi-platform SDK in the market, available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, UWP and Web. It features a single, consistent core API, as well as a built-in viewer and UI for faster development. Learn more.

Hold on there 2017, we’re not done with 2016 yet!

Over the past few months the product group at Foxit has been busily working on the follow up release to the successful version 1.0 launch of Foxit MobilePDF SDK, our mobile PDF SDK for iOS and Android. And as you are about to see, they have out done themselves this time. Foxit MobilePDF SDK 2.0 adds amazing new features such as sophisticated form filling (with JavaScript support of course), complete text markup and drawing annotation support, typewriter and stamp tools, a new Swift demo for iOS and much more. Checkout the full list below.

Version 2.0 Highlights

  • New Form Filling Tool (with JavaScript support)
  • Text Markup Annotations (Replace Text, Insert Text)
  • Drawing Annotations (Line, Rectangle, Circle, Arrow, Pencil, Eraser)
  • Typewriter Tool
  • Stamping Tool (support for Standard Stamps, Sign Here Stamps and Dynamic Stamps)
  • Digital Signature support (Core API)
  • Import and Export Form Data via XML files (Core API)
  • New Reading Bookmarks Panel
  • New Swift Demo

How can we add so many features in such a short amount of time? Don’t forget that Foxit Software already has a fully featured app for iOS and Android called Foxit MobilePDF from which we are able to drawn upon for battle-tested code to significantly speed up the development time of Foxit MobilePDF SDK. The added bonus is that if you like what you see in our publicly available iOS and Android app then we have a mobile PDF SDK that will give you the exact same functionality!

Try it

If you want to try version 2.0 of MobilePDF SDK for iOS and Android then head on over to our trial request page and fill out the form to get your free 21 day trial. And if you have any questions our solution engineers and sales executives are ready to answer your questions or to help you create a proof of concept (POC) app. We look forward to hearing from you!