Recently we asked our customers what they wanted to see the newest version of Quick PDF Library, version 15. The outpour of feedback was great! Customers identified small bugs and features that would make their lives a lot easier and that is what we want to do – make our customers lives easier when using our products.

Product Highlights

Version 15 of Quick PDF Library include:

  • Adding a new TrueType subsetted font directly from a .ttf font file/memory without needing the font to be installed on the system through AddTrueTypeSubsettedFontFromString and AddTrueTypeSubsettedFontFromFile. These addition functions significantly reduce file size while ensuring that fonts and subsetted fonts are viewed correctly, and work consistently across all supported platforms, ie. Windows, Mac, iOS and Linux
  • JPEG2000 fix for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo
  • SetSignProcessFieldLocked feature to set the signature field annotation to prevent a signature from being deleted
  • Bug fixes to protect against possible crashes when loading malformed PDFs
  • GetPDF417SymbolHeight and GetPDF417SymbolWidth to calculate the height and width of a PDF 417 symbol
  • RenderDocumentToFile PDFium renderer support added
  • And much more

Customer Highlight

Wacom needed to display text in digital signatures using Unicode characters. Working with the customer, and using their sample files as our benchmark, we delivered a fully functional update and enhancement to the company that helped them ship their product on time.

Our Thanks

Quick PDF Library is now on its 15th version, and it keeps getting better. Thanks to the help and feedback from our customers our product is even more stable, ensuring that we cater for 99% of use cases. Our latest update fixed more bugs than ever before through identifying small bugs that less than 2% of our customer base have experienced. Our enormous gratitude goes out to our vast customer base across the world.

For this week only we are offering a 30% discount to purchase Quick PDF Library licenses using this code QPL-v15. If you would like to upgrade from a previous version, please visit our website or contact our renewals manager Leonardo Martello on