Today we are releasing the latest version of our Quick PDF Library, version 13.12, which adds support for Delphi 10.2 and ZUGFeRD generation (click here if you don’t know what ZUGFeRD is), adds rendering and text decoding improvements and includes new form field options to support other string formats.

The release also includes a number of bug fixes and other enhancements. Have a look at the full list below.

This is a minor release under version 13. This means all Quick PDF Library 13 users can upgrade to 13.12 for free here. If you are still in version 12 or prior, please contact sales to upgrade to version 13 and start enjoying these upgrades (and more).


  • Added support for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo
  • Added basic ZUGFeRD support
  • Added support for SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512 digital signatures
  • Added Uniscribe support for Arabic text
  • FormField handling improvements
  • Rendering improvements
  • Text decoding improvements
  • Support for Delphi SetRoundingMode
  • PDFium rendering enhancement
  • New form field functions to support different string formats
  • Metafile support updated

New functions

  • EmbedRelatedFile
  • SetFormFieldMetadata
  • SetPageMetadata
  • SetSignProcessAppearanceFromString
  • SetSignProcessFieldMetadata
  • FlattenAllFormfields
  • AddUnicodeFontFromFile
  • AddToUnicodeFontGroup
  • DrawFontGroupText
  • DrawUniscribeText
  • AddUnicodeFont
  • SetMetafileMode
  • AddFormFieldSubEx
  • SetFormFieldDefaultValueEx
  • SetFormFieldValueEx

Bug fixes

  • Fix for Type1 decoder (zero length stack output)
  • Fix SetRenderDCOffset function (clipping path)
  • Fixed crash when loading specific PDF file(C++)
  • GID keyed text fix
  • Fixed double rendering, enhanced SetRenderArea, PageRotation>360 failsafe
  • Fixed Mac rendering issue
  • Fixed XMP metadata in cross platform version
  • SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512 digital signatures
  • Bug fix for Topaz Systems (crash setting form field value)
  • AppendToFile bug fix, xref streams used when necessary
  • DrawSpacedText fix
  • ASCII85 decoder fix
  • PDFium renderer page orientation fix


  • Prevent double layered text entries from some PDF creators
  • Form standard font event
  • Updates to PDFium interface in Delphi code to allow render DC offset and scaling
  • ZUGFeRD / PDFA-3 handling
  • Initial support for UTF-32 system strings to UTF-16BE encoded text strings
  • Support for Delphi SetRoundingMode