PDF Concerns when Navigating Compliance

Compliance can be a whirlwind of emotions for companies but PDF technology can make life easier from many different points of view


Compliance is necessary for every industry to ensure that all businesses run smoothly with a certain level of professionalism. Without compliance there would be no standards to adhere to, thus creating havoc and confusion in every industry. Below are only a few examples of how PDF technology can help companies comply with compliance standards.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is right around the corner and with it means more rigid regulation around personal data that companies may hold for all EU citizens. Foxit understands the importance of complying with these regulations and offers a full custom built PDF GDPR Solution that touches on document security, archiving and much more to ensure your company is compliant on May 25th.

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Privacy By Design

Security of documentation and personal information can never be under-estimated. Holding personal information on customers means taking an active role in securing this data. Our security features includes password protection and encryption to ensure that sensitive information is safe.

Protection of Personal Data

Redaction allows a company to suppress parts of a document for legal or security purposes. Using PDF technology, you can remove information from the front and the backend of the document forever, safely protecting customer data.


Adhering to the standards of ZUGFeRD invoicing means creating two rendered versions of an invoice, a PDF/A-3 one with an XML one attached to it. Having strict schema and specifications to follow, it can be a daunting task to undertake. Foxit understand this and can help you create an efficient workflow that allows you to create ZUGFeRD compliant invoices in the future

Why PDF is your GDPR Solution

We are actively working with key enterprise companies to create a custom GDPR Solution that can help you become GDPR compliant. Find out more today

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