PDF Trends in Document Management

By injecting PDF technology into your software, document management companies can allow better in-browser document viewing, more security options and better retrieval of data for their customers.

The Document Management Industry

A fundamental issue with document management in the past is that printed documents could not keep up with their centralized digital versions. Version control from this point of view becomes an issue then as users need to quickly access the most up-to-date versions of their documents with ease. Where records are kept digital, comes excellent opportunities not just from a version control perspective but a collaboration perspective also. Having the availability to work as a team on a document, even when staff are scattered across the world, means that projects remain on track and everyone is on the same page. Finally having an audit trail for documents is hugely important for many industries today to ensure the authenticity of documents is pure. Having authorship and eSignature capabilities are essentials in the document management area then.

full searchability on pdfs

Creating high-quality PDF documents has its perks including excellent user experience and clear, concise information for the reader but, for Foxit Software, high-quality documents means full-text searchability. Using PDF technology, companies in the document management industry can help their users easily find information deep in a document or labyrinth of documents within seconds.

superior document insights

Security of information is of paramount importance in most companies across the world especially within the documents that they create. Document information held as metadata is no different to the information written within a document. Foxit Software provides the ability to edit metadata in a document to ensure that readers of documents cannot access commercially sensitive data.

guarantee full Document Security to your customers

Ensuring that only the right people have access to documents, especially when it relates to personal information according to GDPR, cannot be treated lightly. Foxit Software has security features used by big players in all industries which makes sure that personal information is not accessible to the wrong people. Adding passwords to documents and disallowing downloads are only two secure ways to share documents.

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Foxit’s Document Management Customers:

Our Technology Strengths: Full-Text Search

Full-text search is a highly valuable feature to have in any document management system. Having the ability to search through hundreds or thousands of documents within seconds can help customers identify information without having to read through documents manually. Using PDF technology users can search their archived PDF database quickly and efficiently.


Metadata has been the talk of the town for quite a while relating to ‘hidden’ information that can endanger your company and your client. Using our technology, you can make programmatic modifications to metadata and properties in your documents, so you do not fall foul to this issue.

Document Security

Foxit Software’s security features include digital signing certificates and password protection that are a cut above the rest, so your documentation is safe from prying eyes. We have worked with many enterprise level companies like Microsoft and Google to ensure our technology plugs into their systems seamlessly.

Our technology in the field

Rights Management Services and PDF Technology

Rights Management Services (RMS) limits the type of information that customers & staff can edit, share & print. Find out how it can improve your PDF document management

Dash Development Group

Dash Development Group uses Foxit Quick PDF Library to power up their Dash DDX(™) Document Management Software, which delivers paperless efficiencies

Key Benefits


Full-Text Searchable


Edge case effectivity


Increased Efficiencies


Increase in Process Automation


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