PDF Innovations in the Engineering Industry

The engineering industry has been slow to move from paper to digital but has shown steady digital integration lately. Digital documents now allow engineers on building sites to spend less time in the office on computers and more time working on the go through digital devices like tablets and smartphones. Learn how PDF has factored into this movement.

Construction and Engineering

There are many regulations to adhere to in the engineering industry, from CAD regulations to archiving to project management. The list goes on. But one thing that they all have in common is that PDF technology has helped make engineering companies compliant with regulations. Foxit’s powerful PDF SDK technology can render large documents, like blueprints, flawlessly on any device, making zooming and commenting on the minutest detail possible. ISO 19005-1 ensures that all records archived through PDF/A are preserved long-term, therefore, omitting features that are ill-suited for preservation. Our PDF Software Development Kits (SDKs) allow your company to comply wholly with regulations in your industry.


Site visits and audits can bring up unexpected results, like misalignment and unplanned outcomes. In this case, speed and collaboration are needed to make sure deadlines are maintained. Foxit allows staff to annotate PDF documents ensuring that staff both onsite and at headquarters can work together quickly to get a project back on track.

Seamless TEAMWORK through many DEVICEs

Digital devices are taking over the world and the engineering industry cannot go unaffected. Foxit has worked with leading Engineering giants to decrease the use of paper blueprints and increase the use of digital devices that can render blueprints, communicate with head office and allow site staff to be as efficient as office staff throughout the day.


Engineering projects involve a lot of paperwork and diagrams that can often change numerous times during the planning and implementation stages. All this information needs to be archived according to ISO 24517-1:2008 to ensure that they can be rendered properly in the future. With many years of experience building archive solutions for enterprise engineering companies, Foxit can develop the right solution for your engineers.

High-Quality Rendering

Engineers are always looking at blueprints that can be huge in size and minute in detail. Foxit’s PDF technology can render even the smallest of details, allowing users to zoom in and out at will and make notes relating to the smallest bolt in the image. There is no need to carry around paper blueprints when you can view and update them on your digital device anywhere!

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Our Technology Strengths: Commenting, Markup and Collaborating

Annotating within a PDF document is a fantastic feature to have. Having staff across the world comment and work on the same material at the same time allows projects to run more smoothly and work to be more productive. Our annotation module has a wide variety of annotations to choose from, including shapes, stamps, free text and highlight, to help your team work smarter.

Engineering and PDF technology


Archiving in PDF has become best practice for companies with large volumes of documents and blueprints. Not only is it secure but it holds an ISO Standard to ensure documents will look the same as the original in the future.


Using a cross-platform server based PDF viewer that is hosted through a browser, annotations and updates can happen in real-time without staff needing to send newer versions of PDF documents or refreshing their pages.

Our technology in the field

PDF Viewing in Mobile Apps

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EIDA Solutions Case Study

EIDA Solution Case Study

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Key Benefits


Increase in Productivity


ISO 24517-1:2008 Compliant


Streamlined Processes


Responsive on Android and iOS Devices


Digitalizing the Engineering Industry: PDF technology has helped software providers develop applications for engineering and construction companies to help them become more productive and time efficient while also being fully compliant with many types of regulations. Learn more about how PDF can help your company.