1. FAQ


Welcome to Foxit SDK FAQ section. Here you will find common issues reported to us by customers and provided by our tech support team. If you can’t find the information you are looking for here, go trough our Knowledge Base topics for more specific issues and more detailed instructions.

How can I look for technical support when I try Foxit SDK Products?

You can go to our support page for any question or comment or call Foxit support at 1-866-693-6948.

What's the price of Foxit SDK Products?

You can request for a quote for Foxit PDF SDK at our website for or call Foxit sales at 1-866-680-3668.

What payment options are available when purchasing Foxit SDK products?

Foxit products can be purchased using the following payment types:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal

For large payments (greater than $1000) we also offer the opportunity to pay via wire transfer, however, this attracts a 2% fee to handle the processing and transaction costs. Contact our sales team if you would like to pay using this method.

How can I activate it after purchasing Foxit SDK products?

There are detailed descriptions on how to apply a license and activate Foxit SDK products on our Developer Guides. Go to Foxit SDK Docs page for information on all of the versions and API’s supported by Foxit.

Can I pay to have a feature added to one of Foxit's products?

Yes, in certain circumstances we do enter into arrangements where companies can pay us to add features to our products. However, we’ll only ever add a feature to our products if that feature is in line with the direction that we’d like the product to go in. You can contact our sales team if this is something you’d like to discuss further.

Can I pay for Premium Support?

No, Foxit does not offer a premium support payment option. We endeavor to provide free support to all of our customers on a first come, first served basis within a reasonable time frame. Support is primarily provided through email. If the issue is unable to be resolved through email then other support mediums can be investigated.