PDF 2.0 is the latest version of the official ISO specification, which adds major improvements to the standards. Foxit PDF SDK has been thoroughly tested against PDF 2.0 documents and standards.

PDF 2.0 support in PDF SDK

Foxit PDF SDK is fully 2.0 compliant, with all PDFs generated through your applications being compatible with the latest specifications. Additionally, we offer support for some of the most popular features in PDF 2.0.

Unencrypted wrapper documents

UWDs allow PDF viewers to handle decryption more efficiently while offering better document experiences. Foxit PDF SDK allows you to get all the available information about the encryption type of the PDF file, e.g. password, certificate, DRM, RMS, CDRM or any other custom type.


Associated files are a great asset for complex document management systems with a large number of connected documents. With Foxit PDF SDK you can associate a file with annotations, a page, a graphic object, an image graphic object or XObject.

256-bit AES encryption

AES 256-bit encryption is used widely the internet and is considered among the highest and more modern security encryption for documents. Support for 32-byte key encryption, such as AES_256 was added in version 6.2 of Foxit PDF SDK.

Foxit PDF SDK also provides support FOR

• UTF-8

• Transparency and blend mode attributes for annotations

• Polygon/Polyline real paths

• Unicode-based passwords

More on 2.0

Follow the Foxit SDK blog to learn more about our continuous work on PDF 2.0 Compliance, as well as new features and improvements to our core technology.

Got suggestions and comments about our support for PDF 2.0? Get in touch with our Product Manager, Albano Moura.