Foxit pdf SDK 6.1

We are happy to release Foxit PDF SDK 6.1, which introduces full support for development in Xamarin, Cordova, Kotlin and React Native, as well as support for Associated Files, Embedded fonts, and improvements to our Redaction functionality. Try it today for free for 15 days!

What’s new?

IOS & ANDROID: NEW Xamarin, react native, cordova and kotlin support

Have all the technology you need for your iOS or Android app in one place by using and building on our binding libraries for Cordova, Xamarin, Kotlin and React Native. With Foxit, delivering great PDF-able mobile apps, has never been easier no matter where you are developing.

PDF SDK for iOS Support


New support for associated files

A major enhancement in the new PDF 2.0 standard: you can add, edit and delete associated files within PDF documents, attaching many different types of files including XML, PDF, PPT, CSV and .docx.


Improved embedded font support so you can optimize for sharing, archiving and collaboration across device and time by adding, editing and deleting fonts in your documents.

full redaction support

Redaction feature is fully customizable with the ability to add redactions both manually and programmatically so that you can protect sensitive information quickly and effortlessly.


iOS PDF Viewing

PDF Viewing

The speed of Foxit’s rendering engine is what we are known for and beats our competitors in speed. Our iOS PDF SDK is small, fast and accurate on all screens. 

PDF Signatures

Letting customers sign documents on their iPhone speeds up business and ensures comfort for your users.

PDF Forms

Give users the ability to fill out digital forms on the go with their iPhone or iPad device. Mobile apps have never been more productive!


Rights Management

Foxit iOS PDF library is the only SDK in the market which provides RMS support for iOS. Generate secure PDFs with your own customized DRM or IRM systems.

PDF Annotations

Our iOS PDF library provides full support for annotating and marking up content with an extensive range of functions for creating, editing or importing/exporting annotations.

Full Text Search

Fast full-text search for any PDF document, language, or encoding type. The SQLite-based full-text search delivers near-instant results, even for repositories on any IOS device.